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Our Mission

With technology making the world smaller day-by-day, Transferly is founded on a global common goal of saving unnecessary fees on international money transfers and providing a secure portal to put you in direct touch with the provider that is the best fit for your needs, all in under 2 minutes.

Transferly's Commitment to Trust

Transferly is committed to scouring the web for banks and service providers for sending money abroad. We have narrowed down and vetted an extensive list of trustworthy companies located around the globe in order to provide you with the best possible options to send money online. These companies are thoroughly inspected to ensure that they meet our strict criteria. Doing this allows us to provide only the best and most trustworthy services available to keep your money safe.

In addition to checking a company’s business practices and credentials, we also test their customer service, the overall customer experience, along with checking their privacy policy. We do this because we refuse to recommend any company that we would not be comfortable using ourselves, and this attention to detail along with the care we take while selecting companies is why we are able to confidently guarantee both excellent service and an excellent experience.

We perform a thorough quality assurance check on each provider we include to ensure they are an established, credible, and trusted business backed by a reputable financial institution so you can feel safe when transferring funds overseas with Transferly.

Here are some of the first level checks we perform:

Transferly's Privacy and Security

In an age where your personal data’s security is more important than ever, we pride ourselves on having multiple safeguards in place to keep your information secure. We collect absolutely no personal information, use a secured site with an SSL certificate, along with many other security features on the back end.

Read more about our privacy policy here.

If you choose to complete your money transfer, you will be securely redirected directly to the service provider to complete it.