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Prepaid debit cards are convenient, easy to get, typically don’t require a credit check, and can even be helpful for budgeting your money. There’s never a risk of “spending more than you can afford” like with a credit card, because you can only spend whatever funds you’ve pre-loaded on your card. Let’s take a look at the 5 best prepaid debit cards …
Kenneth James
Keep Things Simple

How to Simplify Your Life and Travel More

If you’re like most wanderlusters, you are just itching to get back out and explore the world again. Even though it may not be the ideal time to take a trip, it’s never too early to start planning. Here are some things you can do to simplify your life and adventure more often:

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Boats and sunset in Europe

Credit card tips while travelling in Europe

When traveling abroad, one of the most frustrating situations can be dealing with payment issues, either related to credit cards, debit cards, or incorrect currencies. If you’re visiting Europe, you need to know a few things about using your credit card and avoiding any extra charges that come with it.

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