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Use a credit card while traveling

5 tips for using credit cards while traveling

Your long awaited overseas vacation is coming up. It’s going to be expensive, and you just know your wallet will take a hit. In a new country, dealing with ATM fees and currency conversions can be incredibly frustrating. At this point, your credit card is likely a better option. It’s both safe and convenient. Considering things like currency exchange fees, foreign transaction fees, and the risks of carrying cash or traveler’s checks .. you have to make smart decisions. The following five tips can help you when traveling with your credit card.

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Instarem app on phone on top of laptop

What is InstaReM’s rebrand all about?

InstaReM is a digital platform for sending money overseas. Based out of Singapore, it allows you to send money internationally, both for personal or business reasons, using competitive exchange rates. InstaReM has offered a global payments solution to over 130 million customers from many different countries and industries. InstaReM is now rebranding to be part of Nium. Let’s take a look at what this means for the company and its customers …

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